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Mowat Park High School’s motto is “knowledge with understanding”, which is a foundation for navigating a young woman through this ever-changing world.

As a school, we seek to expose our learners to different domains in order to enhance their individuality and to ensure that our beautiful Mowat ladies develop into well-rounded human beings who will contribute positively to the future of South Africa.

Our environment allows young women to embark on a journey of self-discovery with respect for self and others, through academics, sports, and different clubs.
Ms AN Ngidi

Mowat Park High School aims at producing holistic education for learners in a disciplined environment that maintains the principles of integrity and high moral values. This school aims to create self-reliant and self-sufficient ladies who are confident, educated and well-equipped with all the necessary skills needed to navigate the world. We provide full educational services to our learners embedded in the foundation of integrity, morals and high ethical standards.



Our academic focus is based on the strong work ethic of both staff and learners. This is enhanced by well equipped venues which provide good teaching resources.

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Sport & Wellness

We seek to offer a relatively comprehensive sport programme that encompasses both the competitive and wellness elements of physical activity. We view sport as essential for the development of health, self-discipline and team work.

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Culture & Service

Cultural opportunities offer learners a platform from which to develop self-expression, creativity and explore their own ideas in a supportive environment while service activities reinforce the values of empathy and community.

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We offer opportunities for our learners to use and develop their leadership skills to improve the culture of the school. Our girls are encouraged to actively contribute to academic, sports and cultural programmes.

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