Brief History Of Our School:

Mowat Park High School was named by the people of the district of Montclair and Woodlands who had waited for so many years for a school.  At its inception on 1st January 1965 and for the duration of 1965, Mowat Park was housed in a remote section of the Montclair Primary School building. The School opened with only Grade 8 and 9 girls from previously co-educational New Forest High School.

It would be an understatement to say that no preparation had been made for their arrival and there was no electricity available in the classrooms.  It then became apparent that we did not have enough classrooms and so some lessons were taught outside under a tree!  Mowat Park has been known for its progressive methods of education, its unique idea regarding uniform and its democratic form of rule.

Initially the pupil’s choice from a range of floral uniforms was instituted to foster a sense of individuality and good taste.  Each year the matriculates had the prerogative of selecting a colour and style of their own uniform.  Being unconventional gave rise to inevitable criticisms and witticism and the girls found it amusing that they were dubbed as “Ollie’s Orphans”.  Our democratic form of rule extended to the formation of the School Council which enabled the pupils to make their own rules and decisions and to the practice of having girls vote for their prefects because they needed to learn the value and responsibility of voting in adult life.

Today we still have a School Council called the RCL and the girls still vote for Prefects, however the RCL members and the Prefect body work as one team now known as Learner Leadership.

Mowat Park High has always enthusiastically embraced the social changes and has fostered an environment in which learners understand their role in contributing positively to our country and the global world

“all our endeavours be directed in the paths of wisdom and godliness.”


Mowat Park Family

Ms AN Ngidi (School Principal)

Ms Herd (Deputy Principal)

Mr Kisten (Acting Deputy Principal)

Ms P Naidoo (Departmental Head of Science And Technology)

Dr Mcambi (Acting Departmental Head Of Languages)

Ms Reddy (Acting Departmental Head Of Humanities, Services And Arts)

Ms Barnard (Departmental Head Of Commerce)


Mrs CB Ngcobo (Maths)

Mrs Mbhele (Isizulu FAL)

Ms Abrams (English)

Ms Chichwadia (Natural Science, Life Science)

Ms Cockman (History)

Ms Inderman (English)

Ms Jama (English)

Ms K Naidoo (Creative Arts,design)

Ms Khuboni (Isizulu FAL)

Ms Mkhabela (English)

Ms Mkhasibe (History)

Ms Mkhize (Life Orientation)

Ms Mthembu (English)

Ms Ngongoma (Isizulu Home, FAL)

Ms Padaruth (Life Orientation, Tourism)

Ms Pillay (English)

Ms Ramdass (Life Orientation, Hospitality Studies)

Ms Rammekoa (Technology, EGD)

Ms Rammekoa (Technology, Egd)

Ms Ramnarain (Natural Science, Life Science, Geography)

Ms Soobramoney (Geography)

Ms Thaver (Maths)

Ms Toolsee (Technology, Business Studies, Maritime Studies)

Ms Tsotesi (Isizulu Home Lang, FAL)

Ms Tz Ngcobo (EMS, Economics, Life Orientation)

Mr Bagirathi (Natural Science, Maths Literacy)

Mr C Mkhize (Maths, Maths Lit)

Mr Dhlamini (Life Orientation, Accounting)

Mr Gumbi (Maths)

Mr Khwela (Maths)

Mr Mlambo (Life Orientation, Maritime Studies)

Mr Moosa EMS, (Business Studies)


Ms Ngidi (School Principal)

Ms Herd (Deputy Principal)

Ms P Naidoo (Departmental Head Of Science And Technology)

Dr Mcambi (Acting Departmental Head Of Languages)

Mr Kisten (Acting Deputy Principal)

Ms Reddy (Acting Departmental Head Of Humanities, Services And Arts)

Ms Barnard (Departmental Head Of Commerce)

Ms Mkhize, Ms Msomi, Ms Mcwabe, Ms Mayeza

(front row from left) Ms Ngaleka, Ms Chonco, Back row from the left) Ms Motaung, Mr Ntshangase, Mr Madlala, Mr Khumalo (Security), Mr Ncube


Parents interested in enrolling their daughters for the following academic year, may collect an Admission Form from the school or download the form. The completed form must be returned to the school as soon as possible as places are limited. The following certified documents MUST be returned with the form:

  • Learner’s unabridged birth certificate
  • Study Visa (Foreign Nationals only)
  • Learner’s most recent report
  • Learner’s Road to Health, immunization card
  • Last school fee statement from learner’s current school
  • ID documents of both parents or guardian
  • In case of parents being deceased – a certified copy of the death certificate is required as well as guardianship documents are required
  • Pay slips for both parents
  • Proof of residence

Parents will be contacted telephonically to schedule an interview.